Camp Kay Outfitters- Maine Black Bear Hunts

Camp Kay Outfitters is proud to present black bear hunts to you in the Allagash region of northern Maine. Our hunting area is literally at the top of the United States bordering Quebec and New Brunswick and offers one of the highest populations of black bear in the country. We offer a unique hunting experience for either first time or seasoned bear hunters and a hunt that can be shared amongst family members or friends. Our bears typically average 250 pounds with exceptional bears harvested each year between 400-600 pounds. We take a lot of pride in our bear hunts and make them very enjoyable to you by providing a hunt that includes meals, lodging, guide, your stand/ blind, bait, transportation to and from the stand, meals, and skinning of your trophy black bear. We lease and hunt over one hundred and fifty stands located on very remote paper mill land. Our sites are baited thirty days in advance of the hunts to insure that the bears are actively frequenting the stands. You will definitely realize the beauty and peacefulness of our hunting areas. We offer both right and left handed tree stands and ground blinds, and only hunt over active baits.
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After claiming your trophy, the animal is professionally skinned and quartered to your specifications, upon your return to camp. It is then put into frozen storage awaiting your departure. We offer onsite taxidermy service for your convenience as well.
We also have excellent trout fishing available to you or you can hunt coyote once you have taken your bear.

Semi- Guided Black Bear Hunts- 5 Day Hunt

Hunt includes meals, lodging, guide, land, stand/blind, bait, transportation to and from stands, and skinning/quartering. Hunt prices do not include hunting and fishing licenses or gratuities.
Four Bear hunting weeks are offered within the season dates.  Arrival is on Sunday at noon and departure is on Saturday morning.
You will need a big game hunting license and a bear permit. If you are hunting with archery equipment ONLY then you can purchase an archery license and bear permit. You can purchase bear licenses over-the-counter but must show proof of hunting license from your state.
Licenses may be purchased online:
Please make checks/ money orders payable to:
Camp Kay Outfitters
C/O Mark Liebner
1870 North 375 East
Monticello, IN 47960