Questions & Answers

What is your success rate?

This is an important question to ask when looking for the outfitter book with. Many hunters make the huge mistake of booking with an outfitter solely on the price of the hunt. Did you know that the average outfitter in the Midwest is only 15-20% successful? Camp Kay Outfitters averages 30-40% and 60-70% opportunity each year. With your help, we will grow our hunting in Indiana and Ohio. Both of these areas can yield excellent quality bucks. Maine results can vary from year to year based on many factors but we have averaged 70% kill. Factors that affect our overall success include crops and harvest, weather, quality of hunters, and quantity of game. You will have a difficult time finding a fair chase outfitter that can top our results. The guides we have in Maine have been guiding bear clients for 35 years. We are by far your best option for an Indiana whitetail hunt. No other outfitter is more qualified than Camp Kay Outfitters for Indiana whitetail hunts. There are a lot of quality bucks on our Ohio properties as well. 


Can you explain to me the difference between your hunts?


Location: North-Central Indiana South- Central Ohio Maine- Allagash Region
Counties: Cass/ Carroll/ White  Pike-Scioto Allagash Wilderness Area
Acres: 14,000+ Privately leased 6,000 Privately Leased 2.5 Million
Guided: Semi- Guided Semi- Guided Semi-Guided
Terrain: 80-90% Ag, mixed terrain, small woodlots  hardwoods, varying terrain, footplots, ag fields/ corn feeders Wilderness Forrest
# of Properties: 60+ 20+ 2
License Cost: Over the counter or online purchase- $150 $125 hunting license + $24 deer permit $139 Big Game Lic. $74 Bear Permit
Hunts: 6 Day- Full season memberships Bow/ Muzzleloader/ Firearm 5 Days- 4 Weeks to choose from
Advantage: Memberships/ pre-rut/ rut/ post rut hunting  Area is set up for trophy bowhunters Vast Area- World Class Trophies
Lodging and Meals: local motels/ hotels, lake house, bring travel trailer, restaurants local motels/ hotels,  restaurants- Wheelersburg, OH Included
Guides: 6 Guides- 3 hunting areas  2 Maine Certified Guides and Outfitter
Weapons: Bow, Firearm, Muzzleloader

Bow, Firearm , Muzzleloader

Bow, Rifle, Muzzle, Pistol, X-Bow
# Of Annual Hunters: 50-60 10-15 60-80
Kill Average: 125" 125" 200 Pounds
Size minimum: None None 60 Pounds
Food Plots: Mainly agricultural fields/ A few food plots A Couple food plots in Alfalfa N/A-  Active bait Sites
Stands: We provide portable/ ladder/ blinds/ etc. We provide or you can bring your own Ladder stands/ Ground Blinds
Broadhead Policy: Fixed Only Fixed or Mechanical Fixed or Mechanical
Crossbow Policy: Legal in archery season legal in archery season Legal to hunt bear
Doe Policy: Any time during season- limit 2 Any time during the season- limit 2 N/A
Wound Policy: Hunt continuation with signed renewal and $500 deposit. Hunt continuation with signed renewal and $500 deposit. Hunt continuation after tracking effort
Processing: Included in price of hunt Included in price of hunt Included in price of hunt
Price Range: $2,000-$3,000 $1,500-$2,500 $1,800
Largest Buck Taken: 190 3/8"  140" Over 600 Pounds
Military Discount: 5% 5% 5%
Re-book Policy: Return hunter has first right of refusal on hunt Return hunter has first right of refusal on hunt Return hunter has first right of refusal on hunt
Area Notoriety: Harvey Buck- #2 Muzzleloader in the world    37 Years Experience Over 2,500 kills
Turkey Hunting: Currently not offered 3 Day Hunts- $750- 2 Bird Limit Currently not offered


Where does your hunting take place?

Our whitetail hunting takes place on tightly controlled, well managed private leases in north-central and southern Indiana, south-central Ohio, east-central Ohio, and northern Maine.  The terrain can vary greatly by hunting area. We hunt natural funnels on the edge of bedding and feeding areas, small woodlots, large woodlots, river bottoms, crp, fencerows, ditches and agricultural fields. Our hunts are 100% fair chase.

What is the cost of a license for non-resident hunters?

Non-resident licenses are available over the counter or online for Indiana, Maine, and Ohio.  

Indiana- The cost is $150 for each of the following seasons- bow, firearm, and muzzleloader. An additional $150 license is required to shoot a doe. After the first doe tag, each subsequent bonus antlerless tag is $24. Bundle licenses are also available which include a buck tag and 2 doe tags. The price of the bundle license is $295 for non-residents and $65 for residents.
Maine- The cost is for a Maine bear hunting license cost is $114.00 for your big game hunting license and $74.00 for your bear permit for a total cost of $188.00
Ohio- The cost is $125 for an annual hunting license and $24 for a deer permit. Antlerless permits can be purchased for $15. The turkey license cost is $125 for an annual hunting license and $24 for a turkey permit. The second permit is also $24.

A complete listing of Indiana and Ohio regulations can be found at:


What is the best time to come and hunt?

Hunts are listed under the rates and dates page. We strive to provide opportunity and offer many different hunts ranging from 3 days to memberships. We mainly hunt whitetails during the prime time pre-rut, rut, and post/ secondary rut. Our bear hunts occur for 4 consecutive weeks during the Maine fall bear season.

How many Hunters do you take a week?

We only offer a limited number of hunts based on factors such as numbers of trophy animals in our hunting area and weaponry used during peak hunting weeks. We have the ability to take many more hunters, but feel that total quality of the hunt must not be compromised for long term success. Our promise to you is to not over-hunt any of our properties. Once we feel we have reached the carrying capacity per hunt, we will not sell any more, or lease additional property.

What is a Membership Hunt?

Memberships are semi-guided which means they are treated as a regular hunt, only for a longer period of time. Memberships included are:


Memberships are designed to give you the highest opportunity possible to harvest the trophy of your choice. You will be assigned 1-2 guides in a large area and have the ability to hunt multiple farms during your hunt. You can hunt as many days as you wish within designated time periods. The membership hunts allow you to do multiple hunts offer more flexibility for the hunter's schedule. We request that you let us know upon arrival the caliber of buck you are looking for and we will work together to help you achieve your goal.


Please refer to the rates and dates page.

How much pressure is there and will I be around other hunters?

First, our whitetail hunting areas are just as good as what most well known areas in other trophy producing states were 10-15 years ago.  We have the ability to take many more hunters but feel that quality and long term trophy potential are more important. The most pressure that our whitetail areas encounter are the last week of bow season and the first week of firearms. We may place hunters near each other at certain times to kill certain deer that we have patterned. For the most part, there is little pressure compared to other recognized trophy producing areas. It seems that a lot of big bucks in our areas are more likely to be killed by a car than by a hunter. Our trophy bear hunts are extremely remote so pressure is not really an issue at all as we hunt a vast area of 2.5 million acres in Northern Maine.

Do you offer military discounts?

We offer a 5% discount on whitetail hunts for retired or active duty military personnel. We truly appreciate your service to our country and it would be an honor to host you as our guest this fall. If you have a group of 4 or more, you may also qualify for additional discounts.

When hunting with Camp Kay Outfitters what should I bring?

  • Hunt Item Checklist: 
  • Garmin GPS for your vehicle- Mandatory  for Indiana and Ohio semi-guided
  • Cooler
  • Comfortable seat cushion for elevated stands, portable chair for ground blinds 
  • Bow String and Bow Hanger
  • Stand- Ohio, Indiana self-guided


  • Sleeping bag 
  • Towel and washcloth
  • Personal items
  • Rain gear 
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing
  • Rubber Boots- Mandatory
  • Weapon and ammunition 
  • Binoculars/ range finder- archers 
  • Camera 
  • Orange Vest and Hat - Gun seasons only
  • Day Pack 
  • Flashlight/ flashlight with red lens for walking to or from the stand.

Thermacell- Early whitetail hunts, Bring for Maine


 Be prepared and confident with your weapon. Practice from elevated positions with known and unknown yardages and in low light conditions.


When are deposits and final payment due?

A hunt is not considered booked until we have received your signed hunting agreement and minimum deposit of $500 at our main office- 1870 N. 375 E. Monticello, In 47960. Our deposit requirements are as follows: Hunters booking more than one year in advance are required to pay an initial deposit of $500 and an additional amount totaling 50% by January 1, of the year in which the hunt takes place and 50% 60 days prior to your arrival date. Hunters booking for the present year are required to pay a minimum deposit of $500 to confirm the hunt. All final payments are due 60 days prior to your hunt date unless other arrangements are made. Book your hunt early to secure the time that fits your needs and schedule.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

It is our desire to fill all openings "spots" on each hunt. Once you book a hunt and send a deposit, you are then 100% liable for the entire cost of the hunt that year.

What is your policy on wounded/ lost game?

Every hunter is required to shoot their weapon upon arrival and before hunting at each hunt location. This is a very significant component of our deer management objective, which is to provide trophy opportunities for trophy hunters on our leased property. We understand that weapons, sights, and scopes could potentially be damaged in transit. Familiarity and confidence in your weapon, bow or gun, is critically important for this hunt. You are required to contact your guide upon pulling the trigger on any deer. It now becomes our responsibility to help you find it. We will do everything possible to help you locate and retrieve your trophy. However, we have to treat wounded animals as possibly harvested animals. We have policies for wounded game that are very specific and either include hunt continuation/ automatic booking or hunt termination.  It is ultimately up to the discresion of Camp Kay Outfitters for how and when these policies will be enforced, but to be fair to all clients, they most likely will be enforced.
Hunt Continuation- (Maine and Indiana/Ohio- Self-guided)
After pulling the trigger on a buck or bear, you may not shoot another animal until you have contacted your guide and every effort has been made to recover your animal. If we are unsuccessful in retrieval, you may continue hunting after making sure that your weapon is sighted in. We expect nothing less than 100% honesty from our hunters so if we find out that a client shot at or shot an animal and failed to let us know, their hunt will be over.
Hunt Continuation/ Automatic Rebooking or Hunt Termination- (Indiana & Ohio Semi-guided)
After pulling the trigger on a buck, you must contact your guide so he may access the situation and help you recover your buck. If you wound a buck and together we are unable to find it, your options include the following: The hunter may continue their hunt only if they sign a new agreement to hunt the following year at retail rate with a $500 deposit OR their hunt is over.  If we find your arrow with no blood present, you may continue to hunt. A shot with a gun at a buck is considered a hit regardless if we find blood. We strongly suggest that you practice with your weapon before your hunt and take only high percentage shots while hunting. If you disagree with this policy then think about the following scenario: You pay us for a job (The hunt). We complete that job beyond your satisfaction (We gave you an opportunity and you were happy with that opportunity because you pulled the trigger). Would you expect us to do the same job again for free?
We are a high quality outfitter promoting high quality hunting to high quality hunters. Therefore, if you would like to book another hunt at the same or different Camp Kay Outfitter's location after a wound has occurred, we will allow you to continue hunting. A booked hunt is a signed hunting agreement along with a deposit for a minimun of $500.

If I don't get one do I get my money back?

We offer free range fair chase hunting. You are paying us for the opportunity to hunt for trophy bucks and bears in our areas at different times throughout the season. Though your odds of killing a trophy buck or bear with us are very good compared with our competitors in other known trophy producing areas, we cannot guarantee you a buck or bear or even an opportunity. Hunting is unique because it is unlike any other known commodity. Killing, on the other hand is a known commodity. If you want a high quality hunting experience then come hunt with us.

What types of stands are used, and can I bring my own stand?

Our stands are either stick/portables, ladder, or box/ground blinds. The number of stands and when we use particular types of stands vaies by location and time of the year. We understand that you may be used to a certain style or brand of stand but ask that you use our stands because they have already been set and the less disruption the better your odds are of harvesting a trophy. Please bring your favorite seat cushion with you for your comfort and convenience. You may bring your own stand on our Ohio and Indiana self-guided hunts.

Can I bring my own stand for Indiana hunts?

Our success at Camp Kay Outfitters is rooted from a specific program that consistently generates results. Stands are positioned early in the year near known travel routes. We stay out of these areas as much as possible in order to maximize our success. It is in our best interest to place you in the best stands available during various times of the year. We will have extra stands available and slight adjustments can be made by the guides only.

Is meat processing included?

Processing of your buck or bear is included in the price of your hunt for Indiana semi-guided, Ohio semi-guided, and Maine bear hunts. You are responsible for processing with our self-guided hunts. If you take your meat with you, you will need to bring coolers to do so. We will skin, quarter, process, and bag your deer or bear according to your specifications. 

How much do I tip my guide?

We are often asked, "How much do I leave my guide as a tip?" This is a hard question to answer because a gratuity is left to show consideration for a job well done. Everyone's opinion of what that is worth is a bit different. We don't demand anything but appreciate everything. From our experience, the following is a good rule of thumb. If you, the client, feel that your guide worked hard for you, was knowledgeable about the hunting, and did everything in his control to ensure you had an enjoyable quality hunt, then no less than 10-15% of the cost of the hunt is what we suggest, and is more or less the industry standard. Remember that successful deer hunting is not a seasonal job. Months of glassing fields, knowing how and when deer move, setting stands, and placing you on a trophy buck is a difficult yet gratifying task. Please consider this, our guides scout on their own time year round, usually making several trips, to provide our clients the best opportunity at a trophy whitetails. They live in the area and also use their own vehicles and personal equipment (i.e. binoculars, spotting scopes, cameras, etc). Again, we want to reiterate that a tip is a personal expression of gratitude, therefore a definitive value is difficult to determine, however for those who pose the "how much" question, these are simply some industry guidelines that we have observed, and feel that it would be helpful information to you, our client.

Can you tell me about your staff and leases?

As with any successful outfitter, the principles of success are, first, the country he is fortunate enough to hunt, and secondly, the quality and knowledge of the guides he has representing his organization. We don't mean to brag but we have the staff and leases that deserve to be bragged about. The leased farms for Indiana semi-guided are scattered throughout 3 counties. This is advantageous for many reasons, but primarily not having all the ground in one piece ensures trophy whitetail hunting for years to come. The Indiana self-guided property is completely different in landscape from our semi-guided hunts. Both our Indiana self-guided and Ohio hunts offer huge tracts of hardwoods where great bucks exist but are less visible and therefore potentially more difficult to hunt. Maine is a vast wilderness of softwood forest.

The quality of our guides is second to none, not only as guides, but as people. They work hard every minute of every day and with great enthusiasm. When you arrive, guide(s) will be assigned to you. (semi-guided hunts) Listen to them and know that they have your best interest at heart. They are the best hunters in our areas and know what it takes to be successful on our hunts. Visit our staff page for pictures.

How do your hunts work?

Indiana Semi-guided hunts- You are required to arrive at 1870 N 375 E  Monticello, IN at or before noon the on your arrival day. You will then sign a waiver of liability, sight in your weapon, attend an orientation meeting, and have time to go with your guide to the location where you will be hunting. You will be given a permission slip for your vehicle and will be responsible for your own transportation to and from the farms. You will need a vehicle GPS to do this. The driving distances are generally 10-25 minutes from your lodging. You must contact your guide after every hunt morning and/or evening for safety and/or assistance. It will be his discretion on moving you to a different stand based on what area you are hunting and what type of buck you want to harvest. You are paying for the opportunity to hunt trophy whitetails. Your guide is your best friend for the week (or maybe a lifetime) because he has done everything that he would do for himself including all the scouting work and stand placement. All you have to do is show up and hunt where he tells you. He will help you find and retrieve your deer, as well as check it in, and help you hang it up for pictures. Buck processing is included but license, meals, lodging, and gratuities are not included. 
Indiana- self-guided- Our self guided hunts are set up for you to come and go as you please. Basically, you lease a parcel of ground, and place stands where you believe the best opportunity exists or where you feel comfortable hunting. 
Ohio semi-guided- These hunts are run very similar to Indiana semi-guided hunts with the exception you may bring a stand and use mechanical broadheads. Our hunts are primarily set up for trophy bow hunting but we also offer firearm and a few late season muzzleloader hunts. The hunts consist of  5 1/2 or more days of hunting with the exception of the muzzleloader hunt which is a 4 day hunt. You will be given an arrival/ scouting day, and then hunt for the rest of your stay. 
Maine-Black Bear hunts- These hunts are mostly all inclusive with the exception of your license and gratuity. You arrive on a sunday before noon and un-pack at your cabin. An orrientation meeting will take place and you will be required to shoot your weapon. typically we hunt in the afternoon starting monday and finishing up on friday. We will pick you up and drive you to your hunting area and walk you to and from your stand. We only hunt over active bait sites. The hunts are 5 days and meat processing is included. On-site taxidermy is also available.

What are the prices of your hunts?

Please look at the rates and dates page for hunt pricing. You are paying for the opportunity to hunt trophy whitetails and black bears. A lot of outfitters can provide you with a lower priced hunt. We have found though that quality has no substitute and you get what you pay for in most cases. We have made our hunts affordable, yet highly successful through the generosity and support of others. A large portion of your money is used to buy supplies to continually improve the hunting. If price is your primary consideration in selecting a hunt, we recommend that you either save your money or choose another outfitter. We are looking for a longterm clientele of quality hunters who realize and value our program for success.

What is the average size/ score of your deer/ bear and what are my odds at a monster?

Our success is hinged on five distinct elements working together. They include: Land, Quality Animals, Quality Guides, Hunting Opportunity, and Hunters.
You need the land and enough of it to allow adequate rest and rotation of the area. Camp Kay Outfitters Midwest Whitetail Hunts has thousands of acres of privately leased hunting land in Indiana and Ohio. More land means more deer and more deer means more opportunities for you. We hunt 2.5 million acres of forest in one of the most remote areas of the country- Northern Maine.
If you want a trophy buck or bear, he has to exist in the area where you are hunting. Our hunting areas exist within known trophy producing states. The one buck rule in Indiana and Ohio coupled with excellent genetics has produced monster bucks for many years and will continue to produce the quality of bucks that you can be proud to hang on your wall. Every year we harvest 400 pound and above black bears in our areas.
 You need guides who know how to hunt these particular trophy animals. Our guides are simply the best at what they do. They take into consideration things that most outfitters either ignore or overlook. We won't tell you all the secrets for our success but what we will provide you with is references if you would like. They will tell you to leave your style of hunting at home and let Camp Kay Outfitters show you how to kill a trophy deer. That's what you paid us for isn't it? 
You must be given the opportunity to have an opportunity at a trophy buck. Camp Kay Outfitters isn't one of the largest, most successful outfitters in the Midwest by mistake. We were given the opportunity to be the best and subsequently are willing to give you the opportunity to do your best. Opportunity can be summed up with one word-Time. Time means the number of days allowed for hunting during the right period to maximize a hunter's opportunity. We give you the time to hunt effectively regardless of how much time you choose to hunt. Our advice is to spend as much time as possible hunting because you never know when Mr. Big is going to make an appearance. When comparing outfitters and possible hunts, don't just look at the price of the hunt, but the time allotted to harvest a quality whitetail or black bear. We both know that this is a hunt but time given and spent hunting is crucial to a successful hunt.
The last element is You. We will give you the opportunity to hunt for trophy animals, guides, land, and the time. We just need you! We hope to have the opportunity to host you in the future. In the mean time please tell other hunters about us. We might be the outfitter they have always dreamed of hunting with.

How much do your deer/ bear weigh?

Generally our average buck weighs around 175-220 lbs. dressed. We have harvested deer well over the 200lb mark though. Bears generally average around 200-250 lbs., and we have harvested a few over 600lbs.

Do you have a fine for shooting a deer/ bear under a certain size or trophy fees?

Camp Kay Outfitters has a size minimum goal for bucks on all whitetail hunts of 125”. We want hunters to feel comfortable on a hunt for a trophy buck yet manage for the future. 
A $500 penalty will be enforced on bear hunters who harvest a “wet” sow (sow with cubs), and $1,000 for any bear that weighs 60 pounds or less (live weight). It will ultimately be up to the discretion of Mark Liebner/ Camp Kay Outfitters whether a penalty will be enforced but to be fair to all parties involved a penalty will most likely be enforced.


If you are not looking for a trophy whitetail or black bear hunt then please hunt with another outfitter. We do have true trophies to hunt but not everyone is going to be successful. This is hunting not killing. We have no trophy fees for shooting a monster buck or bear.


We only have trophy fees for Indiana youth hunts. (See rates and dates)

What weapons are legal for the Indiana firearms season?

You may use a bow, crossbow, muzzleloader, shot gun with slugs, pistol, or rifles that shoot pistol rounds between .357 and .500 caliber with a casing length of no more than 1.8". Standard center-fire rifle cartridges like 30.06 are not allowed.

What is the weather like?

Temperatures fluctuate dramatically during our deer hunting season. Generally in October and November the temperature can range from 30-70 degrees. December weather can be mild or cold. Maine can either be very cool and damp or very warm. Check the weekly forecast before your hunt so you pack clothing for the week that is appropriate.

What is your closest airport?

Indiana-You can either fly into Indianapolis International, Ft. Wayne International, or Chicago Midway for our Indiana semi-guided hunts. They are all 2 hours away.


Maine- Presque Isle or Bangor Maine are the closest airports for our Maine bear hunts. They are 2-4 hours away.


Ohio- Columbus is the closest airports for the Ohio hunts. It is about 1 1/2 hours away.



When is the best time to come hunt?

We put a lot of time and effort into our stand and blind sites, and hunt different set-ups at different times of the season. Some work better during the pre-rut, some during the rut, and others during the post-rut. By doing this, we have great success throughout the season. Therefore, the best hunt is the one that you prefer and which suits your schedule and budget. Most of our deer however are harvested in November.

All four of the bear hunts can be productive. Most of the time the first two weeks are the most productive. Some years an abundance of food occurs in the forest so the later hunts can be good.

When is your rut?

Our primary rut usually takes place during the 10th-15th of November.

Do you use bait?

We do use bait Maine, and can use bait Ohio. It is illegal to hunt over bait in Indiana. We have heavy agriculture though in our Indiana areas, and a few food plots.

Why should I hunt with you?

There are many outfitters that do things very differently than us. We provide quality deer/ bear, great guides, plenty of land, and time in the woods all at an affordable price. Each hunt we provide is very unique yet enjoyable. We would be happy to provide you with references of successful and unsuccessful hunters whom we have hosted. We hope that you have an opportunity to be part of our continued success. You are very important to us. We've put a lot of pride and effort into our work so, as a serious trophy hunter, you will have the most enjoyable, memorable and successful hunt we can offer. We consider ourselves to be one of the most professional outfitters in the country and hope to see you soon!!!

What are my lodging and meal options for your hunts?

Our recommended accommodations include the following:
Indiana- Semi-guided- Blue Door Cottages- 630-310-2361, Lakehouse rental-(630)-624-4130,  Pine View Resort or Pine View Eagle's Nest (4 bedroom condo)- (574) 583-7733, or Best Western - (574) 583-6333, bring an RV or 5th wheel trailer. Meals can either be purchased at local restaurants or food can be purchased at the grocery store.
Indiana- Self-guided-  Meals can either be purchased at local restaurants or food can be purchased at the grocery store. Some of our leases have cabins that can be rented or you can choose a local hotel or motel.  
 Maine- Lodging and Meals are included in our hunts.
Ohio- Comfort Inn- 8226 Gallia Street  Wheelersburg, OH 45694   (740) 574-1046